How to Enjoy Being Home Alone

In the kitchen, crack some eggs
Into the sugary goodness of cookie batter.
Glance out the window to be sure
No fairies, mailman or nosy neighbors are watching
And indulge in the raw goodness.
Slide across the linoleum in mismatched socks
And carry the dough
Up to your personal playground.
Find the perfect hairbrush
With a handle soft in your grasp
That you won’t drop when, enthusiastically
You hit that last big note.
Make enough room
Between your bed and dresser
In front of the full length mirror.
Put on, or just imagine, something glamorous.
Choose your song carefully.
Belt out a Whitney ballad
Or give your stuffed animals
An earful of George Strait twang.
Show Aretha a little Respect
Or turn to your Ryan Reynolds poster,
And invite him for some fun
With the words of Marvin Gaye.


About irishstag2013

I'm an amateur writer, just doing this for fun. "Trying to find the magic. Trying to write a classic. Waste bin full of paper" -Natasha Bedingfield
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