Everyday since I have found you,
My eyes open upon the sun.
Not to sound ungrateful,
But this happiness you have given me?
Take it back. Regift it.
Now that I have warmed near it,
I’ll always have the flickering candle
of hope for its return.
Give it to her.
I will gladly walk through storms,
So that she may have the sun.
The mere memory of it will be my umbrella.
Make her see it’s possible.
You gave me friends-
Channels of your love.
Use me as a tool for her.
Teach me to pull her into sunlight.
She is trusting me to trust you.
And I do.


About irishstag2013

I'm an amateur writer, just doing this for fun. "Trying to find the magic. Trying to write a classic. Waste bin full of paper" -Natasha Bedingfield
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